My interest in photography began when I was a student at Colorado State University. My second summer while in college I worked with the forest service fighting fires. I purchased a pentax slr that summer so I could take pictures of my time fighting forest fires. I was hooked.

Upon graduation I found myself in Canada. The spectacular scenery of the Canadian Rockies continued my interest in photography. I have shot weddings of my friends but found I really enjoyed photographing the outdoors.

After my stint in Canada I went to graduate school in Portland Oregon and from there became a wilderness guide in Montana working with troubled youth. both Oregon and Montana once again were a natural haven for photographers.

Since then I moved back to Colorado and have been taking pictures of the Colorado Rockies. What was an enjoyable hobby has turned into an interest of making photography a profession.

I have shot with numerous different cameras. These have included 35mm slr’s such as the pentax, minolta, nikromat, and mamyia medium format. I now shot with a slr nikon. This new digital revolution has only flamed the joy of taking photo’s of God’s great outdoors. I’m lovin it !

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